Love Your Water Even More With a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

About Us.

logooxyWe at Cold Infusion want people to be healthier, drink more water and enjoy it at the same time. By using a infuser water bottle you can do all that. Enjoy life and enjoy your water!


High quality reusable and sturdy infuser water bottle is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, sports fan or even just around the house.
The Cold Infusion Sports Bottle will hold up to the toughest of treatment.

Don’t waste another dime on flavored drinks. Your healthy and economic alternative is here!
The Cold Infusion Water Bottle is a massive 25 oz Infuser Bottle that is easy to carry, hold , use and clean. Every kids backpack should have a fruit flavor infuser bottle, busy moms deserve a treat, and active dads must have an infusion bottle. Summer is here. Stay hydrated the healthy and tasty way with endless combinations of flavor.

Try our favorite recipe:

Strawberries, Blueberries, Pear Cubes and a Slice of Lemon. Makes a perfect sweet, yet tart drink that is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Your purchase includes a free recipe book and 100% off promotion codes for more Amazon products

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